Twitter Fans Will Be Able to Use a New BitDefender Safego Agent

BitDefender Safego AgentMillions active users of the world’s most called-for social networking sites – Twitter – can get an additional protection from annoying spam mails and phishing threats spreading via advertising tweets. If you use Twitter on a regular basis then you have probably received messages like”Find yourself on this photo” which contain hidden advertisement of phishing sites, installers of malware or tracing your browsing in the Web agents.

To fight against all these threats you can use the special edition of the world-famous BitDefender Safego tool which is used to scan.

Your Twitter profile and then utilizing all found spam, phishing attacks and hidden malware threats. If your profile contains any threat you will get an automatic notification about a hacking or phishing attempt.

BitDefender Safego AgentBitDefender’s Twitter application is very similar by functions to another online Safego toolkit which was designed especially for Facebook social network users. The same anti-phishing methods are used and success of the Facebook BitDefender’s app is a good sign for all Twitter users.

The new BitDefender’s service works to trace unknown users who offer to follow them on Twitter, their accounts are checked for malware and spam, phishing links and hacking threats.

If accvirus protectionounts seem to be suspicious you will be offered to avoid any contact with an unknown spammer and also you will be able to warn your all friends about a threat via the special setting of BitDefender application. To become a user of this application you simply need to authorize to get an access to your Twitter account and then add BitDefender Safego app like any other third-party application on Twitter. After this action the application will start to scan all your income messages in order to protect your online Twitter chat from spam.

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Kaspersky Will Release the New Line of AntiVirus Programs

kasperskyKaspersky Lab is a well-known manufacturer and distributor of the world-standard and best-selling antivirus programs providing the safest Internet security. The latest Kaspersky Internet Security edition of 2012 is supplied with integrated cloud technology for maintaining the best available protection for a computer from threats and malware agents.

Fighting against cybercrimes is one of the major priorities of the Kaspersky Lab brand and that is why the primary task for the developers of antivirus programs released under this title is to create an efficient and safe working environment on your PC free from malware and threats. Being the top leader in the Indian market among all antivirus software manufacturers Kaspersky Lab with an annual turnover of more than 2 billion USD works hard to deliver more sophisticated and simpler in appliance products than before.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus The brand new cloud technology will be applied in the whole line of enhanced 2012 versions of Kaspersky’s flagship programs. Prepare for a new approach used by Kaspersky Lab’s developers in order to protect your personal computer from dangerous malware and installing of suspicious behaviour-based antivirus programs.

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Malwarebytes’ Anti-Virus Software Highlights

Malwarebytes' Anti-Virus Software Recently among the antivirus agents started to appear new brand names providing the quality antimalware desktop and web applications which are usually available whether free of charge or at low figure. One of such ambitious projects is Malwarebytes’ Antivirus Software package which is currently offered at the official website of the manufacturer in two versions – as free of charge and commercial paid products.

For sure, the paid Pro Edition of Malwarebytes’ antivirus is more enhanced with efficient protection tools than a non-commercial suite. It will cost you less than 25 dollars for a standalone copy and for your money you will get the following abilities for keeping your computer data safe and free from viruses:

-          Blocking of the web malicious content even if a virus has a zero-day status;

-          Real-time protection of your computer’s data and;

-          Multi-layout security with a simple interface for beginners and advanced options for experienced users;

stop malware-          Easy configuration and installation of all supported add-ons and toolkits;

-          Flash scanning option and a neatly organized user-friendly menu.

The free version of Malwarebytes’ Antivirus Software contains the same but lighter tools and that is why if you require a solid 24/7 protection of your PC from virus attacks choose to buy a commercial edition of effective and reliable Malwarebytes’ Antivirus Software.

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Meet the Advanced AVG Internet Security 2012 Suite

Advanced AVG AVG antimalware technologies applied in the powerful software packages can be already referred to the next-generation enhancements. However, the manufacturers of AVG antimalware decided to improve their accomplishments and recently have released the newest edition of their world-standard Internet security toolbox.

According to the official press release provided by AVG manufacturers the new version of their best-selling antimalware suite has been finally launched and it is getting to be lighter, quicker and simpler for everyday usage. The upgraded edition of AVG antivirus contains the best computer performance enhancements and acceleration for downloads of web content.

AVG Internet Security 2012 SuiteIn a licensed AVG antimalware suite’s are included Advisor and Accelerator tools along with the multi-level protection system for identifying and utilizing signature malware as well as detecting and destroying the Internet heuristic threats. By means of AVG Accelerator tool you will manage to minimize a time period usually required for optimization of file system and video content downloads. AVG Advisor will help to check your computer and give recommendations about available tools for utilization of found viruses and threats. The enhanced version of ABG Antimalware 2012 will be also supplied with a sophisticated firewall security and AVG Link Scanner.

Plus to the mentioned benefits AVG 2012 will be of a half smaller download size and few times faster during installation process, in such way saving disk space and memory usage.

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5 Best-Selling Antivirus Programs of 2011

According to the numerous ratings and reviews left by users who bought the licensed copies of the most widespread antimalware software suites, there can be distinguished top 5 of the world’s best-selling antivirus products:

PC Tools Spyware Doctor The fifth place is occupied solidly by PC Tools Spyware Doctor supplied with the antivirus package upgraded in 2011. Spyware Doctor antimalware suite will help to get rid of different viruses that make your computer unsafe for a stable and protected workflow. This software is characterized with very powerful malware protection including scanning and removal. But before installing this package on your PC make sure it is free from viruses.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Integrated version of upgraded Kaspersky Anti-Virus was released offering to try its users the newest built-in tools proving one more time that this antimalware agent is one of the best in a row of hundreds of different free and licensed antivirus programs.

Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper 2011


Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper 2011 became even more powerful than its previous enhanced releases. This time developers of Webroot Antivirus tried to make interface more user-friendly and simple letting enjoy one of the most efficient malware protection systems for Windows OS based devices.

One of thBitDefendere unquestionable leaders among antivirus software manufacturers is BitDefender with its improved Antivirus Pro 2011 release. Its tools maintain a top virus protection capable to fight back at malware which belong to complicated cases for other similar antivirus programs.

Norton AntiVirus 2011

However, the leader of the annual top 5 best-selling antivirus software packages is Norton AntiVirus 2011 edition which also stands for the most recognizable titles comparing to other antimalware agents. It provides the best available tools for protection of your PC or portable device.

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What to Expect from BitDefender Total Security 2012 Edition?

BitDefender Total Security In 2012 users of the popular antivirus agent BitDefender expect to get an improved version of this convenient and simple-in-use antimalware software toolbox. According to the official press-release provided by BitDefender’s developers, the enhanced edition will stand for an effective mega-suite providing a silent and quick workflow for successful protection from multiple viruses and malware a person can “catch” while browsing the Internet.

Among enhancements of the newest edition of BitDefender application for Windows is an improved anti-phishing protection, adding of the special Events icon letting you check in a quick way the changes provided by the program to protect your PC. In such way BitDefender becomes one of the most silent antimalware programs.

To other improvements a user can test in the BitDefender Total Security 2012 Edition belong:

1) Powerful online backup system;

2) Enhanced anti-spam protection blocking spam delivered via e-mails;

3) Facebook account protection, due to the fact this social networking site is quite vulnerable to attacks of different viruses;

4) Advanced file encryption and automatic upgrade of the agent’s main instruments;

5) Smart firewall options;

6) According to the experts’ reviews, BitDefender 2012 edition is assigned as the best anti-phishing program.

The beta version of BitDefender Total Security 2012 Edition is already available at the official website of the manufacturer.

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