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As we all know, the Internet has taken all over the world due to which new era of e-commerce business and online transactions have started.

It is now necessary for everyone to have a debit or credit card to make online payments for purchasing products and services online. However, with the growing number of online transactions, the number of scams and fraud are also increasing including your precious credit card or debit card details being stolen by hackers, consequently, incurring a huge financial loss to you.

To prevent such theft and losses, people are now moving towards using online Credit card generators, that generates Valid credit cards numbers along with all the necessary details to test, validate or verify online websites and payment systems before using their original debit or credit card details. So if you are looking for some of the best credit card generators for some of the most popular brands than you should read the list below:

List of Credit Card Generators:

There are hundreds of financial companies and banks, offering multiple types of Credit and Debit cards to their customers for online transactions and others but not all of them are welcomed by online merchants. Here is the list of Top Credit cards that are globally accepted:

1. Visa (incl. VPay) Credit Card Generator:

Visa (incl. VPay) Credit Card Generator

Visa Credit cards are accepted in 150 plus countries and by 20 million merchants around the globe. According to the study, for every $100 spent by the customer, approximately $14.60 is spent through VISA payment products.

So if you want to make an online purchase but worried about the authenticity of the website, you are suggested to use our Visa (incl. VPay) Credit Card Generator to generate a valid credit card number along with all necessary details for verification, before using your actual card.

2. MasterCard credit card generator:

MasterCard credit card generator

Like Visa Credit card, Master card is also equally popular, having been accepted by 210 countries, and 1.9 million merchants around the world on over 35.9 million locations.

So if you want to enjoy a free trial for a product or services online that accepts MasterCard credit card then you are suggested to use our MasterCard credit card generator to produce a valid Credit card number that is generated by following all rules and regulations including Luhn algorithm set by MasterCard company for guaranteed validation and verification.

3. Maestro credit card generator:

Maestro credit card generator

Maestro is a brand that runs under MasterCard, widely known for its online-only debit cards and prepaid cards which are accepted in dozens of countries around the world and millions of merchants online. So if you are making an e-commerce store with Maestro payment gateway, you can use our Maestro credit card generator to generate valid credit or debit card number along with card holder’s name, address, zip code and CVV pin for on-site testing.

4. American Express Credit Card Generator:

American Express Credit Card Generator

Millions of people, irrespective of them being Americans or non-Americans, know about American Express Credit Card. It’s the 25th most valuable brand in the world and is accepted by more than 25 million merchants worldwide.

If you are looking for valid credit card numbers along with Name, Address, State, Zip-code and CVV code to use it for on-site or in-app testing or other validation or verification purposes, then you are recommended to use our American Express Credit Card Generator before risking your original credit card details.

5. HSBC Canada credit card generator:


HSBC Holdings plc is a financial company and a bank originated from Britain. It has over 3900 offices in 69 countries with over 38 million customers. They offer numerous financial services including credit and debit cards so If your desired product or service is available online on trial basis or can be availed by giving valid credit card number than you must use our HSBC Canada credit card generator, to get all the required credit card details to avail the offer.

List of other Brands for Credit Card Generators:

  1. Visa Electron credit card generator
  2. China UnionPay credit card generator
  3. Diners Club US & CA credit card generator
  4. Discover credit card generator
  5. InterPayment credit card generator
  6. JCB credit card generator
  7. Dankort credit card generator
  8. UATP credit card generator
  9. Diners Club Carte Blanche
  10. Diners Club International
  11. Bankcard credit card generator
  12. China T-Union credit card generator
  13. Diners Club enRoute credit card generator
  14. RuPay credit card generator
  15. Laser credit card generator
  16. Solo credit card generator
  17. Switch credit card generator
  18. CA Imperial Bank credit card generator
  19. Royal Bank of Canada credit card generator
  20. TD Canada Trust credit card generator
  21. Scotiabank credit card generator
  22. BMO credit card generator
  23. InstaPayment credit card generator
  24. MIR credit card generator
  25. Troy credit card generator
  26. Verve credit card generator

Types of Credit Card Generators:

Credit card generator with a name:

Our Credit Card Generator is designed to generate unique and valid Credit Card number along with Card Holder’s Name as well as other required information.

Credit card generator with money

Use our Credit Card generator to generate a Valid and verify-able credit card number with a random balance to use on various online website to avail their services or to buy products.

Credit card generator with CVV

As CVV is mandatory along with other credit card details to validate, verify or make transaction online, therefore, our Credit Card Generator is coded to provide valid CVV code along with every Credit Card Number.

Credit card generator with an expiry date

All Credit or Debit Cards have an Expiry Date printed on it back, and this input is also required by every online merchant to make your transaction successful due to which our Credit Card generator generates a valid and verify-able Expiration Date along with credit card number.

Credit card generator with zip code

Zip Code is mandatory to be provided with a valid address along with Credit card number and other details while filling out the form for making transaction online, for which our credit card generator produces valid and actual ZIP code according to the address while generating the Credit Card Number.

Random credit card generator

Generate Random and unlimited number of valid and verify-able Credit card numbers instantly with our Random Credit Card Generator.

Fake credit card generator

Why risk your Original Credit Card Details with money, when you can generate a Fake Credit Card number along with all necessary details using our Fake credit card generator for on-site testing, validation or verification.

Uses of Credit Card Generator:

Credit card generator for Netflix

Generate Credit Card Numbers with address, CVV code etc. instantly to use and enjoy the free trial on Netflix to watch all your favourite TV shows and movies.

Credit card generator for amazon prime.

Generate Credit Card Number with all necessary details to use on Amazon Prime and enjoy all the amazing Services including discounts, movies, shows and lot more.

Credit card generator for PS4

Don’t have a credit card for in-app purchases or verifications on PS4 gaming console? Then don’t worry. Use our Credit Card Generator for PS4 to get your work done instantly.

Credit card generator for Spotify

Enjoy all the premium and free music available on Spotify by creating and verifying your account by using our Credit card generator for Spotify to generate a valid credit card number with all necessary details.

Credit card generator for free trials

There are thousands of sites available online that offer free products and services on trial basis by providing a valid credit card number and details. So why not avail these amazing offers without risking your original details by using our Credit card generator for free trials

Credit card generator for PayPal

It is mandatory to provide a valid credit card or debit along with valid address, CVV code, State, Zip Code and Card Holder’s name to create a Paypal Account for which we offer the free service to generate these required credit card details using our Credit card generator for PayPal.

credit card generator for online shopping

Looking for a Free Valid Credit card to use on Online shopping website for verification or enjoy free trail? Then you should use our credit card generator for online shopping to generate free, instant and valid credit card along with all necessary details.

credit card generator for testing

Testing is one of the legal work that can be done using fake credit cards because you just can’t risk your original details. So if you want to initiate testing on any site, you can use our credit card generator for testing, to generate valid and free credit card numbers along with address, CVV, state and credit card holder’s name.

credit card generator for mac

From MAC to Windows, our Credit card generator works on the operating system as it is a web-based application that is easily accessible from any device, on any location, at any time from the browser.

credit card generator for iTunes

As it is compulsory to provide a valid credit card number to sign up on iTunes, so if you don’t have a credit card or if you don’t want to use it then you can use our credit card generator for iTunes, anytime to generate a valid credit card number, that follow all the rules and regulations including Luhn algorithm set by the credit card service provider which also complies to the ISO 7812 numbering standard.

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions:

Question # 1: What is a credit card generator?

Answer: Credit Card generator is an application, that is designed to generate a credit card number along with Card holder’s name, address, state, CVV number, zip code and expiry date, that complies with the rules and regulations including Luhn Algorithm set by set by the credit card service provider which also complies to the ISO 7812 numbering standard.

The credit card numbers generated are completely random but they follow each rule such as a six-digit Bank identification number (BIN), account identification number of an individual and a single digit checksum.

Question # 2: Is it illegal to use a credit card generator?

Answer: Everything in this world as a positive and negative use just like Fire that can be used for cooking food or burning jungles, similarly credit card generators can be used legally for the sake of on-site or in-app testing as well as verification or validation of payment services. On the other hand, you can also use it illegally to scam others or hacking.

Question # 3:  Can you use a fake credit card number for a free trial?

Answer: Yes, many sites will accept fake but valid credit card numbers along with other valid necessary details to provide free trail for their products or services but some famous and widely popular sites may not allow to use them due to their advance validation and verification features.

Question # 4: Does fake credit card numbers work?

Answer: Yes, all fake credit cards that are generated from the authentic credit cards generators will work for testing, validation or verifications on online sites, but the condition is that the number generated follows all the rules and regulations set by the credit card service provider while producing original credit cards.

Question # 5: What can you do with stolen credit card numbers?

Answer: Stolen credit card can be used in many ways but all of them are illegal and severely offensive that would definitely land you in jail if caught.

Some of the most common uses of stolen credit card numbers are:

  • To use for online verification, validation or making transactions to purchase products.
  • These numbers can also be used to blackmail the actual cardholder and demand ransom.
  • These cards can also be used to avail free trials for products and services.
  • They can be used to fetch personal information of the cardholder, such as his/her SSN number, address, Full Name, Zip Code, state etc. that can further be used to create online bank accounts and virtual credit cards.